Why There Geography Is..

Why Japan's Geography Sucks

(Credit to RealLifeLore whose video I watched and summarised)

For over 100 years japan has been one of the most powerful civilizations in the world. Its impact on culture has been absolutely astonishing. But its geography is terrible and this is why.

For ever, Japanese civilization has been built around the Tokyo plain, a huge empty field that is one of the only habitable and farmable regions in Japan. Nearly 85% percent of Japan is a huge mountain range that is either extremely expensive to habitat or absolutely impossible for humans to live in. This is Japans largest geographical problem, but they have a solution.

Since WW2, the Japanese government have been raising the general standard of living for the whole population, resulting in a lower birth rate and less population growth. This means that they will have enough time to terraform the mountains.

So in conclusion, Japan will probably be okay.


Why France's Geography is Almost Perfect

(Credit to RealLifeLore on YouTube whose video I watched and summarised)

If real life was like a game of Civilization 6, France would have started out in one of the best position. It actually quite unfair. The geography around France gives it unique abilities and buffs which other Civs did not get. Here how.

France sits both in the North and South of Europe. Owing to large amount of easily navigable rivers like the Rhine, Siene, Marne, Lorie, Rhone and Garrone, making it so that France can exert trading power over most of western Europe. Also due to these rivers France is mostly farmable land. France has always had the capability to produce more food than historical enemies like Britain and Germany. Another reason Frances geography is so good is because of the natural borders of it. To the south is the easily defendable Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. The south-east there is the even more easily defendable Alps. To the north-east is the Rhine. To the west is the English Channel and the Atlantic Sea. But here is where Frances only geographical weakness is: The European Northern Plain.France Map for Blog - Copy

This map shows France geography weak and strong points. The arrows are pointing to the strengths, but the outlined area is the Plain I mentioned. It is a huge hard to defend field which for thousands of years has been used as a funnelling point for the enemies of France. So if your thinking to invade France, do it from there.