By the Light of the Moon (By Eve Vamvas AKA my mum, she gave permission full credit to her)
Reviewing the new Warhammer kill team (I know I'm a bit late)


Ned looked out into the British Sea, thinking of the last 10 years of his life. It had been relentless. A whirl-wind. He was one of the lucky ones. When October 25th 2033 came, he was visiting some old friends in the High-Lands of Scotland. On that day the greatest catastrophe ever happened. Yellow stone erupted with such force that the whole of the U.S was buried in a meter deep pile of ash. Then a that happened, the Amazon experienced the largest wild fire ever, although five hours later it was topped by the whole of the Siberian Forest burning. 16 tsunamis hit Oceania, Japan and South East Asia. An earth quakes quite literally off the Richter scale hit Central Asia, creating a 400-meter deep, 50-meter-wide crack spanning from Finland to India. More followed across South America, Africa, the middle east. Europe for the first day seemed to be intact, yet what came next was worse.

An ice melt. Over the next two weeks the sea level rose over 50 meters. It doesn’t seem a lot. Only 50 meters? It’s a lot. Goodbye southern Italy. Good bye most of Greece. Good bye Denmark, and most of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Good bye Iberia. Goodbye half of France and Germany. Good bye Ireland, 97% of Wales, 95% of England. Scotland though is mostly mountains. Safe high mountains. There were 6 million people left in Scotland. For seven years wars broke out as the Scottish fought for the limited space.

 Eventually Edinburgh united Scotland, creating the Democratic Union of The British Archipelago, or the DUBA. They started settling areas of Britain that weren’t under water, like the Lake District, which had united, but was falling apart and willing to join DUBA. After that they continued, taking Wales and founding the city of Snowdonia. They finished their great crusade in the year 2041. After this they researched other places where survivors would be. The Alps, Pyrenees, and Scandinavian Mountain ranges had large spaces for societies to form, not to mention places outside of Europe not totally ripped apart by the doom, like the Himalayas and Andes. DUBA found the New European Union.

Ned had thought about it for a long time, looking out from his office in Edinburgh. Now was the time for retribution. As Supreme Judge of the DUBA he was playing a huge role in the trial that had just begun. The leader of Scotland had decreed that every person who had made money from actively supporting or owning a company the destroyed the planet. The last one he had tried was 56, and had a 9% share in Shell. He was sentenced to death. Ned had no remorse. He had helped cause the deaths of billions. Ned walked back into the courtroom, ready for the next one.


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