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Terraria for noobs. Part 1.

So this will be about a great game called Terraria, specifically a guide for it. I will probably have to do multiple post about this as it is one of the most complicated games on the market, and while some may compare it to Minecraft,  a pro at that game like Dream or technoblade would probably have no idea what to do in this game. So here’s how you start. When making a new world, I would advise you to use a small world a normal and on crimson instead of corruption. Now, after spawning, chop down about 5 trees and find a flat area near spawn to build your house. Build a 9 by 5 wooden box. Then using your inventory craft a work station, after that  make 2 holes in your box and then fill the holes with doors you can create with your work station. Open one of these doors to go outside and find a few slimes to kill with you copper sword, because they will drop gel which can be used to craft torches. After crafting a table and placing it and the a torch, come out of your house and start running to one side. If you find another biome then run back to base. The do they other side. If you find a cave, then start descending, breaking every single pot and loving and destroying each chest. You will find a recall potion and after fully looting the whole cave use the potion and you will be teleported back to Spawn. At this point,  build another house like the one described earlier. Then start mining. The way you mine in this game is straight down, only wide enough for you to fit. After 10 minutes of this , use a recall potionThe using stone craft a furnace a turn all you ores into bars, make a anvil, then craft copper or lead armour. Next time I will tell you how to defeat your first boss, the Eye Of Cuthulu.