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Doesn't Shoot The Bullseye.

If you’re looking to pay homage to Paladins, Warframe, Celeste or Jumper 3, then Karlson will be the result. Games by Youtubers is definitely a thing, but we’ve never seen anything like Karlson in this rope-swinging, milk-drinking, door-kicking and action-packed shooter that could well be improved over the years, especially with some neat level design but being a little too repetitive.
Each of Karlson’s levels has an objective of getting to a milk carton by shooting and swinging through plentiful obstacles and overcoming enemies that fire lasers at you relentlessly, mixed with some funky level design which can lead to some ultra satisfying parkour thanks to combining guns and platforming. Don’t be fooled by its looks, Karlson can be punishingly difficult. This deceivingly easy premise will require putting all your blood, sweat and tears into this formidable challenge. It would be nice if this game was deeply nerfed. Every now and then, some explosives can be found in each of the levels. Shooting these will cause the bomb-like canisters to explode. Granted, they may be pretty, but they’re really helpful. Still on the topic of them, Karlson utilizes in not to shabby visuals, especially being an indie game. But elsewhere, there are other areas of Karlson that miss the bulls-eye. The character animations are so laughably bad that when they die or sprint towards you, they ragdoll and tumble to the ground, but that never really hinders the gameplay. Also, it could’ve been more fun if the game wasn’t over the top repetitive.
Karlson is a fun, flashy and cool parkour game that requires your full attention to some crazy level design and some FPS experience. But because it lands in that awkward position of “Yeah, it’s fun” alongside being mindlessly repetitive, it’s hard to recommend whether to download this or not. Though the frantic FPS and parkour action was kinda getting me addicted.


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